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International car rental companies are reducing their activity in the Crimea

In Simferopol Airport the number of brand offices of known international car rental companies has reduced. Most of them have also significantly reduced their activity and car fleet in the region. The reasons for such changes are not only the essential reduces of tourists at the Peninsula, but also other external factors. The representative offices of those companies are usually located in Kyiv and act in accordance to franchise contract, in force on territory of one country. For the known reasons the status of branches in the Crimea is questioned at the moment. The situation is embarrassed with the closing of Ukrainian banks. Many car rental stations are still using bank ATM kiosks, but with the changes of mobile phone providers in the Region the connection with banks on the continent will be unavailable in a time. The displacement of car fleet and payments to Ukraine will most probably be more complicated in a future. In such conditions the car rental companies are withdrawing the seasonal enlargement of car fleets in the Crimea.

At the same time Russian, predominantly local car rental brands from Krasnodar Krai and from Moscow, are starting to come into the market. Can we expect that international companies representative offices, located in Moscow, will open their branches in Crimea? Time will tell.

The AUTO-Drive company escaped some of these challenges, since from the very beginning was developing its franchising network according to the regional principle. The Office in Simferopol has its local registration and operates as usual.


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