Car rental  Ternopil


Car rental in Ternopil

Park of cars

Park of cars of Ternopil Auto-Drive representative office is the only car rental office in the city, which mainly consists of the economy cars. You can rent any car of LADA group (21140, 21124, 11183 «Kalyna»), which are economic both in exploitation and in service. Everyone can choose the car for his/her own purposes, for example, for rest, for business trips, for seeing the sights of our region or other trips.

How to rent a car?

The procedure of filling in all necessary documents for a car rental and the process of car delivery are very easy and maximally simplified. The processing of documents will take about 40-50 minutes for a customer who for the first time uses services of Ternopil AUTO-Drive office and hasn't made a preliminary reservation. For making an order you need to have a passport, a driving licence, an identification number (for Ukrainians). The same process takes less time for our regular customers and for those who used AUTO-Drives' services in Ternopil before. We have a client's database, that considerably accelerates the process. You can return the car in one of the Auto-drives' representative offices on all over the territory of Ukraine (One-way service).<//strong>

Insurance and technical state of rental cars

All rental cars are insured on Obligatory Civil Liability Insurance & CASCO system and are always updated. The automobiles are new, pass regular technical chek-up and servicing. The number of our cars gradually increases.


The daily rental rates lower proportionally to the rental term and can reach 50% of initial rates. We also allow discounts for our regular clients and corporative partners. The rates for long-term rent (more than one month) shall be agreed additionally.


You can make a payment in any convenient form for you. We accept payment cards of different types, payments in cash and on clearing basis.

Scooter rental

One of the additional services, that you can choose in Auto-Drive's representative office in Ternopil is a scooter rental. You can rent any single-seated scooter (engine-50 cubic cm.) without showing a driving licence. A rental price varies from 30 to 5 UAH per hour (it depends on duration of scooter rental).