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16.02.08, Alexandr

Write me pleasae about processing of documents for renting a car and how long does it to take to complete them?

The customer who plans to use services of AUTO-Drive Copmany for the first time have to complete the Reservation Form. The processing of documents (Car Rental Agreement and Itinerary Document) and chekout will take about 1 hour. In case of preliminary reservation of a car by internet or telephone call, and also when you use our services again, the processing of documents will take less time.

13.01.08, Volodymyr

Is there a possibility to take car in Lviv and leave it in Simferopol or somewhere else in Crimea?

You can leave a car at any AUTO-Drive representative office. This service is avalible for additional charge (see here: or other city you want).

22.08.07, Jevgeniy

I'm intrsted in car rental business. How can I become your representative in the city of Dnipropetrovsk?

Regarding cooperation reffer to: and tel:+38 097 296-3997. You will find detailed information on franchising here.

21.08.07, Maksym

I'm 21. I have been driving car for a long time, but my driving license was issued only 6 months ago. Is it possible for me to get a rental car?

The driving experience more then 2 years is the request of insurance company. In general it is possible to give a rental car to you, but in case of a traffic accident or a theft it will not be an insured accident. If you agree to take all the financial libality for a car the director of a car rental station will take decision regarding such a case. The only date of issue of driving lincese will show the official driving experience.

11.06.07, Uriy

I live in New York permanently but I would like to see my parents in Ukraine. Can I rent a car for fortnight having Driving Licence issued in US? If I can not, tell me, please, what do I need to have no problem with traffic police? Is there a representative office in Kyiv (Borispol)? Thanks.

You will have no problem with the traffic police having your driving licence issued even in the USA. You can rent a car whatever you like for a fortnight picking it up or bringing it back In Kyiv.

7.06.07, Denys

Can I pay car-rental by Visa or Visa Electron card and hold time deposit on this card? Is it possible to bring car back to the airport office at 1 a. m. or 4 a. m.?

We can charge you the sum of car-rental from your Visa card and hold your time deposit on it. Checking the car at the airport at 1 a. m. or 4 a. m. is an additional service and it will cost 24 EUROs.

4.06.07, Denys

If I take a rental car with your company which document will give me the right to drive a car (excluding my driving license)?

The documents giving you right to drive a rental car are as follows: Car Rental Agreement and Itinerary Document. More detailed information you can get at one of our offices.

5.03.07, Maksym

If it's possible to hire a car for two customers and will it cost the additional fee?

You ask about “additional driver” service; it means that two persons have the right to drive a car and this will be mentioned in the Car Rental Agreement and Itinerary Document. The fee is 5-8$ depending on the represantative office.